Quiz 3

Unit 3: Practice for the Exam
A.Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verb.
Doctor: You’re not in very good shape, Ken.  Are you eating right?
Ken:   Well, I _____________ (1. want) to give up read meat, and I _____________ (2. try) to eat a balanced diet, but it´s hard.
Doctor:  _______ you _____________ (3. eat) vegetables these days?
Ken:   Oh, yes.  I _____________ (4.eat) vegetables  every day.  I _____________ (5. love) French fries.
Doctor: Oh, _______ you _____________ (6. get) enough exercise these days?
Ken: To be honest, not really.  I’m really busy.  I _____________ (7.take) a class three days a week.  I _____________ (8. learn) to bake cakes.
Doctor:  But what about exercise?  _______ you _____________ (9. do) any exercise these days.
Ken: Well, I _____________ (10. walk) to the video store every other day!
B.   Complete the conversation with the simple present or present continuous.
A: ________ you ever ________ (get) colds?
B: Yeah, I do. Actually, I think I ________ (get) a cold right now.
A: ________ you usually ________ (take) something when you ________ (have) a cold?
B: No, not usually.
C.   Complete the conversation with (not) going to. Use contraction where possible
Rick: How ________ you and Marcia ________ celebrate New year’s Eve, Tim? ________ you ______ go to any parties?
Tim: No. We __________ go out for dinner. Our favorite restaurant ____________  serve a special meal, and our friends __________ join us there. But we ___________ stay out late.
Rick: So, you __________ be home before midnight, huh?
Tim: That’s right. It __________ be a quiet celebration.

D.Complete the conversation.   Use the SIMPLE PRESENT OR PRESENT CONTINUOUS.   
Teri :    Hi. How ______ you _________ (do)?
Ruth:   Not bad. Actually, I ________ (have) a cold again. But I’m OK.
Teri :    Oh, that’s too bad. So, what _______ you ________(do) today?
Ruth:   My classmate Sally’s here. We’______________ plan) an end-of-term party. Everybody ______ (want)some live music this year. How about you? ______ you  ___________ (do) anything special today? ________ you _____________ (listen)to a CD?
Teri :    No, that’s my brother. He’_________ (play)  his guitar. He _______ (practice) every morning.
Ruth:   Hey, is he free on Saturday? _____he_______(want) to play at our party? We _______  (need) somebody like him.
Teri :    ______ you _________(kid)? He’s only ten!
F.    VOCABULARY Complete on the blank with the correct word 
toothache  - birthday – first - flu  - cold - - feel sick  - shape
1.   January is the _____________ month of the year.
2.   When I have the ________ I stay in bed.
3.   I have a terrible ___________. I guess I need to go to the dentist.                 
4.   My  __________ is on September 1st .
5.   If my father gets a really bad ________, he drinks hot vinegar with honey
6.   I want to get in  ______________ .What can I do?
7.   I eat vegetarian diet if I_______________.
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Reading 1
Read the article and answer the questions.
The ancient Eastern art of yoga is more than 50, years old.  It’s a combination of relaxation, stretching, breathing, a vegetarian diet, positive thinking and meditation.
Yoga originated in India, but today it is becoming more and more popular in the United States.  Why do Americans do yoga?  One survey of yoga enthusiasts found out.

A majority (55%) of the people in the survey practice  yoga because they want to relax.  Some people do yoga to stay in shape.  And other people do yoga when they feel depressed, have headaches, or have a lot of stress.  Yoga is also helpful for people who have trouble sleeping.

What do people do when they practice yoga?  Most of the people in the survey (90%) practices  poses and breathing exercises.  Half of them also meditate

Where do Americans do yoga?  Many people in the survey (48%) take classes at a local yoga studio.  Others (39%) do it at home, either alone or with friends.  A few people (9%) have a private teacher.
And how long do people do yoga?  Most people in the survey (57%) do it for half an hour or an hour at a time.  Some (41%) do yoga for hour and a half.  They all say it doesn’t matter how often you do it – it’s just important to do it.  And it seems everyone is doing it these days.  It’s even popular with children!

Yoga keeps people healthy because it makes them strong and helps them relax, sleep and cope with stress.  So what about you?  Would you like to try yoga?
1. What king of diet do yoga teachers recommend? ______________________________________

2. Why do Americans do yoga?  Give one reason. ______________________________________

3. What percentage of people in the survey do yoga at home?

3.  Do  most Americans in the survey do yoga at home? __________________________________

4.  According to the article, how long do most people do yoga? _____________________________

5. Would you like to try yoga? Why or why not?       ______________________________________

Reading 2
Read the article carefully.
How much should you drink every day?clear
Benefits of drinking water:
Water is your body's principal chemical component, making up, on average, 60 percent of your body weight. Every system in your body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when you don't have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.
How much water do you need?
Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For your body to function properly, you must consume beverages and foods that contain water. You may need to modify how much water you drink, depending on how active you are, the climate you live in or your health condition.
Exercise:If you exercise, practice any sport or are engaged in any activity that makes you sweat, you need to drink extra water to compensate the water you lose. It’s also good to drink some drinks that contain sodium, like Gatorade, Sporade and others.
Environment:Hot or humid weather can make you sweat, so if you live in a hot city ,  or in high altitudes ( more than 2500 meters high) you need to drink more water.
Illnesses:If you have signs of illnesses, like fever, infections or other health problems, you need to drink water or even rehydration solutions.
Follow these advices:
§  Drink water, at least 4 glasses a day, with each meal and between meals.
§  Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
§  Hydrate before, during and after exercise.

REMEMBER: It´s one of the best drinks, because it’s free of calories, inexpensive and it’s available at any time.
Write ( T ) if the sentence is True and ( F ) if the statement is False

1.      We have 40% of water in our bodies. _____
2.      Water provides a moist environment for different tissues.   _____
3.      If you don't drink water, you can dehydrate.____
4.      When you play soccer, you should drink a beverage that contains water. _____ 
5.      Drinking water depends on how active you are. _____ 
6.      Drinking two glasses of water a day is enough to be healthy. _____ 
7.      Water isn’t cheap. _____ 
8.     The reading isn’t about the benefits of water. _____ 

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