Outcome: By the end of the lesson you will be able to talk about General and specific things using determiners.
Determiner is a word that comes before a noun and shows which thing or things you mean, “a” and “the” are determiners, so are “this”, “my”, “some”, “which” and “each” when used with nouns.
All children learn a language.

Most Canadians need French.

Some students take Spanish.

A few people are good at Latin.

No students like exams.
All (of)   the children in my town take English.   
    All of them…
Most of the people in my office know French.  
    Most of us…
Some of the students in my class take Greek.      
    Some of us…
A few of my classmates got As. 
    A few of them…
None of my friends failed the exams.              
    None of them…
A lot of people speak English well.
A lot of the people in this city speak English.   
A lot of them…
Take a quiz
Make true sentences using determiners. Compare with a partner.
1.   _______________ my friends studied English in junior high school.
_______________ junior high school students take English.
2.   Today ______________ employees need a second language for their jobs.

In conversation …
People usually say everybody and nobody, not all people or no people.
_____________ my friends speak two languages.
3.   _______________ university students major  in languages.
_____________ the universities here teach several different languages.
4.   _______________ students take two languages in high school.
In my class, _______ us studied two languages at school.
Take a quiz
 Write the determiners in order in the chart below.
All      (100%)

Read the test results. Complete the sentences with the determiners in the box. Use each expression only once.
A few  -  A few of  -  All of    A lot of   -     Most of   -       None of     -      Some  -      Some of
1.   ________________ students in the class passed chemistry. ___________ them failed chemistry.
2.   _______________ the students passed English. _____________ the students failed it.
3.   _______________ the students passed Marketing. _____________ students failded it.
4.   _______________ the students passed Marketing. _____________ people failed it.
Take a quiz
 Answer these questions: When you were in high school, what was a subject…
1.   most of your friends liked?
2.   all of the students had to study?
3.   a lot of students hated?
4.   some of your classmated loved?
5.   no students ever failed?
6.    a few students were always really good at?
7.  None of your classmates liked?
8.  A lot of students got good grades in?
9.  Some students dropped?

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