Quiz 4

Unit 4: Practice for the Exam
A.Complete the conversation with the correct form of GOING TO.
Mery: What are you going to do (you / do) this weekend?
Gio: I  _______________________ (see) my grandmother. We ____________________ (have) a birthday party for her.
Mery: That’s nice. So, ___________________________ (it/be) a big party?
Gio: No, not really. We _______________________ (not do) much. It _________________ (be) just the family. Mom _________________________ (bake) her a cake. Then her friends ____________________ (take) her dancing. She’s a tango teacher.
Mery: Your grandmother’s a tango teacher? Cool.
Jumi: That was Jun on the phone. He can’t take us to Sarah’s party.
Sara: Oh, no. Why not?
Jumi: No car. His parents are going to the mountains, and they _______________________ (take) the car.
Sara:  Well, we can’t drive. Who else _________________________________ (be) there?
Jumi: Dan, but he _______________________________________ (not go) until after work.
Sara: Well, it looks like we ___________________________________ (walk). Wear comfortable shoes!
B.Complete the card with the correct PRONOUNS
Dear Kathleen,
Happy birthday! I’m sending ______ (you/her) this card from Mexico. Hector and I are in here visiting his parents. His parents are showing ______ (them/us) all the sights. His mother is so nice. I brought ______ (her/ him) some jewelry from New York, and she wears it everywhere.
His mother is teaching _____________ (you/me) how to make Mexican food. She’s going to send _____________ (them/us) a tamale pot when we get home. Hector lover tamales, so I can make _________ (him/her) tamales next Christmas. We want to do something special for his parents, but we can’t give __________ (us/them) anything because they won’t let us!
How about you? Can I bring ________ (you/me) anything from Mexico for your birthday?
C.Complete the conversation.   Use the SIMPLE PRESENT OR PRESENT CONTINUOUS.   

            Teri :    Hi. How ______ you _________ (do)?
         Ruth:   Not bad. Actually, I ________ (have) a cold again. But I’m OK.
Teri :    Oh, that’s too bad. So, what _______ you ________(do) today?
Ruth:   My classmate Sally’s here. We’______________ plan) an end-of-term party. Everybody _________ (want)some live music this year. How about you? ______ you  ___________ (do) anything special today? ________ you _____________ (listen)to a CD?
Teri :    No, that’s my brother. He’_________ (play)  his guitar. He _______ (practice) every morning.
Ruth:   Hey, is he free on Saturday? _____he_______(want) to play at our party? We _______  (need) somebody like him.
Teri :    ______ you _________(kid)? He’s only ten!

D.VOCABULARY: Complete the sentences with words or expressions from the box. There are two words or expressions that you do not need to use
- a diploma - mashed potatoes - see fireworks -  exchange rings - go out for a romantic dinner 
- go trick or treating - the candle - a gown – amusement park
1.   The day of my graduation I and my classmates are going to wear a cap and _______________.
2.   The waiters are going to sing “Happy birthday and bring Sara a cake. She’s going to make a wish and blow out _____________.
3.   Ana and her classmates are going to wear a cap and gown. When they call her name, Ana’s going to get ___________________.
4.   Allen and Carine are going to ____________________________. After dinner, Allen’s going to give her chocolates.
5.   Bruce and Sheila are going to a big party. They’re going to ___________________ on the beach. Then at midnight they’re going to shout “Happy New Year”. 
6.   Ahmad and Keisha are going to get married. During the wedding, they’re going _______________ rings. After the wedding, they’re going to have a reception.
7.   John and Rudy are going to wear costumes of their favourite comic-book characters. When they’re ready, they’re going to ___________________ in the neighbourhood.
E. Circle the best response.
1.  Hi, Mary! I’m sending ______ this card from Mexico.
           a) you                       b) her              c) she              d) me.
       2.  Some friends and I go to a jazz club every Monday. Do you want to join _____ next week?
             a) us                       b) we               c) me              d) our
       3. Sara and Rose are our best friends. Today is their birthday. Let’s send _______ some flowers.
           a) she                       b) they                        c) them                       d) their
       4. What sports _____ you ________ these days?.
           a) are/playing                       b) do/play                   c) can/playing                        d) do/ playing
5. I usually _______ a check-up once a year.
    a) does                                  b) go                           c) have                       d) take

6.   What ______ you __________ when you have a cold?

    a) do/ take               b) do/ have                 c) does / drink            d) do/ lie down
F. Match the special days with the activities. Use each expression only once.
1. Valentine’s Day ______                                               a. exchange rings
2. New Year’s Eve ______                                              b. get a diploma
3. Birthday ______                                                           c. go out for a romantic dinner
4. Halloween ______                                                       d. go trick-or-treating
5. Graduation day ______                                               e. blow out candles on a cake
6. Wedding ______                                                          f. shout “Happy New Year”
G.     What do people do on these special days?  Complete the expressions
Graduation day
New Year’s Eve
Wedding day
1.  blow out _______

2. wear a cap and a _______
3. get a _______ or diploma
4. go to see _______
5. _______ rings
6. have a _______
CLICK HERE to see the answers.
Reading 1
 Read the e- mail message.  Write (T) if the sentence is true, (F) if the sentence is false.
Dear Karen,
Guess what? My brother, Mike, and I are going to go to the Winter Carnival in Quebec City this year. It’s at the beginning of February, and we’re going to go up and stay for a week. Can you join us?
Do you know about the Quebec Winter Carnival? It’s a lot of fun. There are always exciting things to do and see there. They have night parades and firewoeks, and lots of winter sports. (you can either watch them or do them. Of course, I’m going to go skiing every day!) There are interesting special events, too – like an ice-carving contest.
 And we don’t have to stay at the Carnival the whole time. I want to visit Quebec City, do some shopping, and go to some of their great restaurants. So, are you interested in coming with us? Let us know soon, so we can get you a room at our hotel.
     1.    Mike and Barbara are going to Quebec City for two weeks.                    ______
     2.    You can go skiing during the Quebec Winter Carnival.                                      ______
     3.    Barbara wants to go shopping in Quebec City.                                         ______
    4.    Karen can stay in Barbara’s hotel room.                                                    ______

Write two or three short paragraphs about your family’s plans for next weekend and next holidays. (80 words)

Make sure that you:

· Use “going to”
· Use “present continuous”
·   Use the vocabulary learned in class and any other grammar background you may need.





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