Quiz 11

Unit 11: Practice for the Exam
This kind of exam is for you to evaluate yourself. You can work with a group of classmates in the library. And then you can exchange papers and correct among you. This is what teachers call Co-evaluation; it implies that the students evaluate the work of others. It can be used for practical work, like this practice, to provide feedback before you take the real exam, quiz or test. 
A.Circle the correct words.
1.    A: Who’s the girl next to/wearing the red suit?
B: That’s Sara.
2.    A: Who’s Jennifer?
B: She’s the woman in/with short red hair.
3.    A: Who’s that guy next to Lisa?
B: You mean the one by / in the blue shirt? That’s Greg.
4.    A: Which one is Dan?
B: He’s over there, by / standing the window.
B.   Write questions for the answers. Use the words in parentheses.
Example: A: What color is Jenny’s hair? (Jenny’s hair)
                 B: It’s black.
1.    A: ________________________________________________? ( your father’s friend)
B: He’s five foot eleven inches.
2.    A: ________________________________________________? ( You and your sister)
B: No, we look totally different.
3.    A: ________________________________________________? ( Sally/ brown eyes)
B: No, she has blue eyes.
4.    A: ________________________________________________? ( Jeff’s brother)
B: He looks like his father.
C.   Write sentences with have got. Use contractions where possible
Example: A: I’ve got straight hair. (I / straight hair)

1.  _______________________________________________. (I / straight hair)
2.  _______________________________________________. (we / freckles)
3.  _______________________________________________. (who / a mustache)
4. _______________________________________________. (he / a shaved head)
D.   Answer these questions

1.   _____________________________________________________________________________
She is tall and thin and she wears braces, braids and glasses.
2.   _____________________________________________________________________________
Yes, he does. My classmate, Mario and Brad Pitt look alike.

3.   _____________________________________________________________________________
No, she doesn’t. She has straight blond hair.
4.   _____________________________________________________________________________
They are one meter eighty five.
5.   _____________________________________________________________________________
He looks like his father. But his eyes are the same color as his mother, they are blue too.
6.   _____________________________________________________________________________

E.    Unscramble the questions.
1.   He/ What/ going / next summer / is / do / to?           ______________________________________
2.   California / they /think / to / you / move / will / do?    ______________________________________
3.   Is / Wht / goal / a year from now / her?                   _______________________________________
4.   Later / this / year / they / will / travel / abroad?         ______________________________________
5.   I/ to / may /years / Europe / in / travel / ten              ______________________________________
6.   university/the/not/ to / go /want /might / Sara/to?    _______________________________________

A.   Complete the conversations.  Use expressions like those in the box.
What’s his/her name  -  What do you call it/ them   -   What do you call that… /
1.  A: Do you remember when all the boys had - __________________________
  You know, the really short one with the flat top?  A very short haircut for  
  men and boys?
B: Oh, Do you mean the crew cut? Yeah, everybody had that in the 50’s.  

2.    A: I fell down when I was playing soccer yesterday.
B: Oh, did you hurt ___________________________?

3.    A: What’s wrong with your hand?
B: I burned ______________________ while I was making breakfast.

4.    A: Did you go out to dinner for your anniversary?
B: No, we made dinner ___________________________________.
A.   Write the words in the box under the correct headings. Use each word only once.
ankle    eye     finger    knee    nose   thumb   toe   mouth   palm

B.    Circle the correct word.
1.    Tom wears his hair in a ponytail / bald.
2.    Who’s the muscular / long guy in the T-shirt?
3.    Ken has shaved / spiked hair.
4.    Jill wears her hair in braces / braids.
5.    Who’s the woman with tall /curly hair?
6.    Sandra has pierced /long fingernails.
7.    Sara has got straight / moustache hair.
8.    The journalist/doctor works at the hospital and cures sick people.
C.    Complete on the blanks with the correct expression in the box. There are two extra ones.
she has curly -  look totally different - blonde- mother’s hair - she look like - look alike
A:  What colour is your _____________________?
B:  Actually, it is ___________.
B:  Blonde? Does_______________ her mother?
A: No, she doesn’t. They _________________. Her mother’s hair is black.
B: Do your mother and father ______________________?
A: Yes, they do. Actually,  _______________________ blonde hair like her father.
Read the article carefully. 
Image overhaul, again and again
Party girl, glamorous movie star, or conservative mother of two?  Madonna’s image has change more times than we can count.  Throughout her long career, she has managed to stay ahead of everyone else and set new style trends every step of the way.
  When she first started out as a club singer, she was wearing funky lace dresses, black rubber bracelets, and lots of necklaces.  By 1985, she was so popular that many young girls were copying her look.  The news media began to call these girls “Madonna Wannabes,” or girls who “want to be” like Madonna.
   In 1987, the singer began her “Who’s that Girl?” world tour.  The new album and music videos showed a radical transformation for the former party girl.  She cut her long hair and dying it blond, as she took on a more classic look.
   Madonna continued to change her image as she began to appear in movies.  For the film Dick Tracy in 1990, she became a glamorous blond movie star.  In 1995, she even changed the color  of her eyes to
brown for the film Evita.
    After the birth of her first child, Lourdes, in 1996, Madonna had another makeover, taking on the new image of a mother.  Then Madonna married British film director Guy Richie and had her second child, Rocco, in 2000.  During her “Drowned World” tour, her husband and children traveled with her, and the changes in Madonna’s lifestyle, as well as her appearance, became clear to everyone.  She no longer went to parties after concerts but went straight back to her hotel to spend time with her children.  Gone was the wild girl of her early career. She was now someone who placed family first.   She once said, “Love is more important than fame, money, and being with beautiful people.”
    After more than twenty years of singing and acting, Madonna is still one of the world’s most popular stars.  Her fans are always amazed at how she can make so many changes and never go out of style.
Correct these sentences according to the reading
    Example:   Madonna started out as country singer.
1.  In the eighties, many older women copied Madonna’s styles.

2.  In 1987, Madonna started wearing rubber bracelets and changed her hair color.           

3.  Madonna dyed her hair for her role in Evita.        

4.  She adopted a mother image after her second child was born.          

5.  These days, fame, and money are more important than her family 

6. She is the most popular star.

Speaking quiz
Write about your plans and prediction for next year. Make sure that you use, "will", “may”, “might”, “present continuous” and "going to" carefully and the expression be able to.  (60-80 words)






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