Quiz 7

Quiz 7

This kind of exam is for you to evaluate yourself. You can work with a group of classmates in the library. And then you can exchange papers and correct among you. This is what teachers call Co-evaluation; it implies that the students evaluate the work of others. It can be used for practical work, like this practice, to provide feedback before you take the real exam, quiz or test. 
Q1.  Answer these questions. Use short answers.
1.   Is your father planning to go to the beach this summer?                        No,___________
2.   Would you like to fly to Shangai to visit the city?                                               yes, ___________
3.   Did you want to go online to buy train tickets?                                       No, ___________
4.   Do you need to take a tent to go camping?                                          Yes, ___________
Q2.   Complete on the blanks with the correct form of the verb. Check your Grammar.

1.   My father in law ________________________ shopping ________ a sweater.  (need/go/buy)
2.   It is a good idea _______________some binoculars  _______ the dolphins. (have/watch
3.   I _______________ a phrase book ______________  some expressions. (need/get/learn)
4.   I ____________ it’s nice ____________ hello and thank you and things like that. (think/say)
5.   I am _____________ to Puerto Rico ______________ my relatives. (go/see)
6.   Is it good _______________ reservation in advance? (make)
Q3.   Unscramble the sentence and questions. Complete the ideas
EXAMPLE: A: I need to get a phrase book to learn some Portuguese.
 Portuguese / some / to /get/ a /to/ phrase book /  / learn.
1.    It’s a good idea ____________________________________________________________.
                         a travel agent / to / to / a hotel room./ get / call
2.    Could you ______________________________________________________________?
                  to the bank / change /some money / go / to
3.    Why don’t you ___________________________________________ .It’s cheaper and faster.
                        on the Internet / to / go/get a flight /
4.    Do you need to ask him ______________________________________________________?
                                      to the airport /to /give /you /directions /to /go
Q4. VOCABULARY Complete the sentences with the correct word
a first-aid kit   -   a skateboard ramp -   toothpaste -   make up - an aquarium -  sunscreen
1. You can see animals at ______________________________ .
2. You can go skateboarding on _____________________________.
3. You use __________________ with your toothbrush to clean your teeth.
4. You use ______________________ at the beach if you don’t want to get sunburn.
5. People sometimes wear ____________________ on their faces to look good.
6. If you are hurt or sick while camping, get medicine from __________ .

Quiz 7
Q1.  Circle the correct word for having a coherence sentence .
1.    You use toothpaste/soap/a tent with your toothbrush to clean your teeth.
2.    You use makeup/ sunscreen / a pair of scissors at the beach if you don’t want to get a sunburn.
3.    You wear pajamas / a bathing suit/ sandals when you go to bed.
4.    Most people use soap / a brush/ shampoo to wash their hair.
5.    When you go camping, you use insect repellent / a flashlight / a sleeping bag in your tent because you don’t have a bed.
6.    A lot of men use a brush / a razor / a towel to remove the hair on their faces.
7.    If you are hurt or sick while camping, get medicine from batteries/ a towel / a first-aid kit.
8.    Bring extra batteries / pajamas/ makeup with you to get power for your flashlight or radio.
9.    Wear sunglasses / sandals / a hat to keep your feet cool when it’s hot.
10.      People sometimes wear sunscreen/ makeup/ insect repellent on their faces to look good.

Quiz 7
Q1.  Read the article carefully.      
I just returned from an exciting tour of Kenya.  It was the trip of a lifetime – there was so much to see!
My tour group spent the first two days at Masai Mara, driving around to see animals in their natural environment. We got close to elephants, cheetahs, and Zebras, and we took some excellent photographs! On the third day, we went to Lake Naivasha. We stayed  in little huts near the lake, where we could see local birds and hippos. I was surprised to find out that hippos kill more people tahtn any other animal. That night we did some stargazing. The night was clear and perfect – I’ve never seen so many stars!
The nest morning, we visited Lake Nakuru, where we saw a rare blac rhino and hundreds of pink flamingos. That night, we camped in a place where we heard lions walking around near our campsite! Luckily, we never saw them, but we did not sleep very well. On day five, we took a trip to Thomson’s Falls. It was hard to climb to the top, but it was worth the effort – the enormous waterfalls were beautiful. We had a nice picnic lunch by the water.
The next day, we went to Mount Kenya, where we visited a Masai village. That night, we tried to do some traditional Masai dancing, and believe me, we looked very funny! We spent the seventh day hiking on Mount Kenya, and afterwards we made a trip to the local Kikuyo school. We talked to the students and teachers there and learned about their projects. Then we ate irio together, a traditional Kikuyo dish.
Back in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, we had a tour of the city. Then we took our guides out to dinner to thank them for showing us their beautiful country.
The next morning, we made the long journey home. I was tired, but very sorry to leave. Visiting Kenya was my best vacation ever.
Answer to the questions below about Coober Pedy.
1.  Why did Joel drive around?  _______________________________________________________
2.  What did Joe’s tour group see at Lake Nakuro?________________________________________
3.  What did they do at Thomson’s falls?   _______________________________________________
4.  Did they visit a village in Mount Kenya? What did they do there?

Quiz 6
Q1.    Read the article carefully.     
An Unsual Server/ The Dangers of Fog
A few years ago, while I was driving across eastern Canada, something very unusual happened. I still don’t understand what happened.
While I was driving at night through thick, heavy fog, I noticed flashes of light in the sky. They were moving from the sky onto the road in front of my truck. I was driving slowly, and I couldn’t see very well, but those lights were as bright as daylight, and they were blue. It was definitely not lightning.
Now here’s where the story gets weird. I was getting tired of driving in the fog, so I pulled off the road and stopped at an all-night restaurant for travelers.
I walked in and sat down at the counter. When the server came to my table, she laughed and asked me how I got such a bad sunburn. I didn’t know what she meant, but my face was bright red! I splashed cold water on it and held a towel to my skin. My hands were also burned. I was very puzzled and a little frightened.
I went back to my table and ordered something to eat. I was feeling weak and extremely tired, and I wasn’t hungry anymore. After I forced myself to eat a few bites of food, I checked into a nearby motel, where I slept for about 24 hours. After that, I didn’t see any more light flashes, and the “sunburn” on my face and hands disappeared after a few days. Even now, I wonder about those flashes of light – I’ll never forget them!
Answer the questions.
1.  Where did this unusual event happen? ________________________________________________ 

2.  What did the man see while he was driving one foggy night? _______________________________ 

3.  Was the man hungry when he walked into the restaurant?   ________________________________ 

4.  Did the burns on his face disappear? ________________________________________________ 

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