U7:Giving advice and suggestions

Exercises on "Advices and Suggestions"  Level 3

Good Advice: advice and suggestions

Giving advice and making suggestions are two different language functions, but in real life they often go together. If you are only interested in giving advice, CLICK HERE. Let’s see here some very common constructions you can use to give advice to a friend.
     You should go to the doctor, he’ll tell you what to do
     You shouldn’t go to bed so late, you need more sleep

     I know it’s difficult to find, but why don’t you look on the Internet?
     Why don’t you wait here for a moment, I’m sure she will be back very soon

HOW ABOUT + ING (or YOU + bare infinitive)
     You look bored. How about going for a walk? We could go to the river.
     How about you stay here and I go and look for help?
MUST/HAVE TO [strong advice]
     You must go to the doctor immediately, that looks serious.
     You have to take her to that movie, she’s going to love it.

IF I WERE YOU (+ would)
     If I were you, I’d send her an e-mail saying sorry
     If I were you, I wouldn’t buy that book

 (not) + bare infinitive (colloquial often: YOU BETTER...)
     You’d better not call her now, she must be too angry with you
     You better come to my house and ask my father

     That girl is wonderful. You’d be crazy not to love her
     The house you showed me is so expensive. You’d be crazy to buy it.

 (+ simple past)
     You can’t be with that job all your life. It’s high time you started looking for a new job.
     I think it’s high time we went home, it’s too late.

SUGGEST (+ that you (should) )
     I suggest that you eat more vegetables
     I suggest that you should take a holiday, you look so tired

IMPERATIVES (start, stop, try, consider...) + ing
     Stop drinking so much coffee, it’s not healthy
     Start going to the gym
     Try talking to him, you may convince him
     Consider buying a new bicycle and give the old one to your little brother

 Notes: In British English Advicis the noun, Advisis the verb
     He always gives very good advice.
     I advise you to buy the cheaper one
"Advice" is an uncountable noun, so you can’t say “an advice”, you must say “some advice” or “a piece of advice”
    I’ll give you some advice, if you want to listen
    That was only a piece of advice, not an order

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