Types of accidents

Accidents can take place anywhere and at any time. Accidents are unplanned and sudden events that cause damage to person or property. Accidents can be classified into the following types:
Auto accidents

The driver of a green Chevy passenger car was nowhere to be found after it crashed into a tree in the 1500 block of S.W. Washburn. ALY VAN DYKE/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL

Boat and water accidents
  You can read about one of them here: 

  • http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/canada-whale-watching-tragedy-at-6717826

•Train, tram and plane accidents
•Slips, trips and fall
•Wrongful death/ clinical negligence
•Work accidents/ factory accidents
•Defective and dangerous products
•Dog bite/ snake bite / horse/ animal accidents
•Food poisoning
•Assaults , hijacking

Sports injuryAuto accidents are the most common type of accidents. Nearly1.2 million people die because of auto accidents each year.Nearly 50 million people all over the world are injured becauseof auto accidents annually.

Auto accidents include:

car crashes,
rollover of vehicles,
bicycle accidents
motorbike accidents
accidents in buses, vans, lorries
accidents to pedestrians because of vehicles.

Boat and water accidents include accidents that occur when embarking, disembarking or travelling in boats, yatches, shipsand gondolas during regular work or on a holiday in the seashore.Train, tram, plane accidents are rare events and many peopleare killed in these accidents. The loss due to these accidents isvery high. Trams and trains can derail causing heavy damage tolife and property. Air crashes and engine failures in plane causeserious consequences.Slip trip and fall accident can occur in various places like thepavement, shopping malls, public and private places due touneven flooring, potholes, poor lighting, uneven stairs,polished and wet surfaces, spillage and squashed products onthe floor, obstructions and unprotected work. It can also occurduring holidays and vacation spots in hilly areas

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